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Author and therapist Sahaj Kaur Kohli explores challenges faced by children of immigrants and offers tips on how to work through them in her new book "But What Will People Say?"

CNN / May 7, 2024

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Join our partner organization, the Asian Youth Writing Alliance (AYWA) for a week-long science fiction writing workshop. In this mini-camp, 5th through 8th graders will learn about fascinating ideas surrounding science, philosophy, and storytelling through the lens of the science fiction genre. Students can bring their personal laptops or tablets to write, or pen an paper works too. Registration is required. 


Cultural stigmas and intergenerational traumas make navigating mental health in the Asian American community complex, but modern day practitioners and healers offer expansive frameworks for a holistic approach. Hosted by Bay Area journalist Cecilia Lei, join KQED and CAAMFest for an empowering [video broadcast] to redefine community resilience by honoring all parts of ourselves.


KQED / May 16, 2024

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