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Find community and get inspired by browsing through our member-submitted work below, or share your own mental wellness journey with other AWAY members by submitting your own stories! We are still working on publishing the writing we receive, but the form below is open for submissions.

Aaliyah Kennedy

"Mental health, the colossal elephant in the room of American society. We've journeyed from the Salem Witch Trials to the ludicrous banning of TikTok…"
I would like my submission to be featured at future AWAY summits.
I would like my submisson to be featured in a future anthology of YourWay submision.

Thanks for submitting. We'll be in touch!

Fill out this simple form to have your mental health story published on our YourWay blog! Feel free to share as much or as little as you’d like, or submit a fiction piece. All submissions will be reviewed, and then posted as soon as possible. Visual and audio submissions will be available soon!


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