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TakeAways Submission Guidelines

TakeAways article summaries will be available for everyone to view shortly! For now, here are some guidelines for how you can contribute TakeAways to the AWAY website.

What Are TakeAways?

TakeAways are easy-to-understand summaries of scientific journal articles about AAPI or adolescent mental health, contributed by AWAY volunteers. Our vision is for them to destigmatize mental health by promoting scientific-but-accessible information.

Submission Eligibility

Submitting article summaries to TakeAways is a fun and low-commitment volunteer opportunity for high school students! To ensure that your summaries are as accurate as possible, we ask that volunteers work in teams of 2-3 people when reading and summarizing articles.

How To Submit

  1. Read at least one guide on how to read scientific journal articles.

  2. With your partner(s), sign up for an open article using this spreadsheet.

  3. Read the article and write your summary within two weeks of signing up. When you are finished, link your TakeAway in the spreadsheet or email it to us at!

Questions? Email our TakeAways Managers



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